About the online course

Why should you do it? How does it work? What do I need? All you need to know.

About the online course

Sounds great, so how does it work?

Through a combination of text, video, diagrams and photographs, the Rules Academy provides an interesting way to learn about the Etiquette and Rules of Golf. You can test your knowledge by taking the review questions at the end of each section and then, if you choose, you can try to gain an official R&A certificate by taking the Exam.

1. Complete initial registration

Hold on, why do I need to register? What will you do with my details? Initial registration is required to access all the Rules Academy content so we can evaluate your progress and allow you to take the Level 1 Exam when you have completed the 3 short revision tests. Don't worry, initial registration is free, your information is secure and we won't bombard you with spam or share your details with external parties.

2. Read, watch and learn Etiquette, Principles of Rules and The Rules

The Exam questions will be based on content within "Etiquette", "Principles of the Rules" and "The Rules". Each section contains a mixture of videos, text and diagrams to help you understand the basic Rules of Golf. The more you absorb the content in these sections the better you will do in the Level 1 Exam.

3. Complete the revision tests

"Etiquette", "Principles of the Rules" and "The Rules" all contain a revision test based on the content within. Though not essential to pass these revision tests to sit the Level 1 Exam you must complete each one to unlock the Level 1 Exam. You can take the revison tests as often as you like - a high mark obviously bodes well for your chances in the Level 1 Exam.

4. Complete registration

Once you have completed the 3 revision tests you will be able to take the Level 1 exam. First you must complete your registration details.

5. Take Exam

Time to put your new found rules knowledge to the test. Each Exam consists of 50 questions broken down into 30 multiple choice questions and 20 penalty stroke input questions. If successfull you'll be able to download a R&A Rules Level 1 Certificate signed by your trainer. You'll also have an improved all round knowledge of the game which could save you a few precious strokes.


Of course you have. We've compiled the common questions in our FAQ's section here