About the online course

How long does it take?

The journey through all of the sections, including taking the review questions, should take approximately two to three hours.  The Level 1 Exam has a time limit of one hour.

Do I have to do it in one go?

No. You can view the content at your own pace and when you re-enter the site you will be able to start from where you left off by viewing the progress you have already made on the “progress bar” above.

Are there set dates to complete exam?

No. You can sit the Exam as and when you like but the exam does have a one hour time limit.

What equipment do I need?

You do not need any equipment other than the device you are using to view the Rules Academy.

I'm already an experienced golfer, why should I take the exam?

No matter how much you think you know, you can always learn something more, and the Exam will let you gauge how good your knowledge of the Rules actually is!  Also, success in the Exam will mean you gain a certificate from the governing authority, The R&A.